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 Wales Veterans are very pleased to confirm Albion Rovers of Newport’s application back into the league. As a warm up for the season, Club Chairman and former Wales International, Terry ‘Wacker’ Wilkins has invited Wales Vets to hold a Short game tournament at their Kimberley Park  ground on Sunday 6 September from 2 to 4pm. The 6 games of 30 minutes each (3 per team) will be followed by the usual ‘delicious spread’ laid on by Terry’s wife Cheryl and the teams will be able to watch the Wales v Israel European Championship game being held in Cardiff, ko 5 pm. As this is a ‘trial’ there will be a nominal charge of £20 per team to cover the cost of two referees. There is no limit to the number of players in each squad but only 11 will be allowed on the pitch at any time.

The four teams will be Albion Rovers, Newport Reps, Llantrisant and a Wales Over 45 team.

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